Skills Verification

Making sure the skills you have are the ones you need used to be a complicated process.  In an increasingly tight market, getting exactly the right skills onto a project is as much about trust as it is about governance, targeted recruiting and bootstrapped assurance processes.

Now, LeadersWorkplace offers a SFIA based service that gives insight into the true state of the skills mix delivering those important projects, and the risk profile of that mix.

Confidence in Skills   

The role of skills in delivering outcomes is often masked by the convenient packaging of Job and Role Descriptions.

When candidates or resources self-assess against either of these, research* shows that many will overstate their abilities and sometimes, their qualifications and capabilities.   Understanding the gap between claims and assertions is essential to protecting delivery capability and to developing career and learning plans.

LeadersWorkplace offers three levels of verification.

BV = Basic Verification

This method provides independent verification using a person’s self- assessment (either online or their own CV) assessed against the SFIA6 Framework, and a gap analysis provided.  This establishes the veracity of the skill mapping to SFIA.

V1 = Verfication Level 1

Similarly, the next level of verificaiton uses two of three options to establish veracity: a self-assessment, or a CV or an interview to validate candidate skill claims against the SFIA6 framework.  This ensures the candidate input is aligned to the skills asserted and the gap analysis indicates any specific gaps between claims and assertions.

V2 – Verification Level 2

This level ensures that all information about the skills claimed are aligned to the SFIA6 framework.  This includes data from interview, CV and self-assessment and verification ensures the veracity of the skills claimed.  A gap analysis at this level provides a reliable level of detail for use in career and training plans and any rate or pricing justification.