Applied Skills Analysis

There’s more to workforce management than organisational design, recruitment and job descriptions.

We add to these services by providing insights to workforce performance and profiles – the skills palette – through applied workforce analytics.  Using the vast stores of data typically used for independent analysis, we integrate this with performance and delivery data that underpins every function in ICT organisations and the wider enterprise.

Moving across the workforce data continuum from group performance to the individual qualifications and skills, we can build a picture of the skills palette that enables solid planning and robust skills based delivery models for teams and resource plans.

Our skill based services for Enterprise include:

Delivery Assurance

  • Delivery capability modelling
  • Delivery Risk Assessment
  • Delivery Assurance (Skill Based)
  • Delivery Confidence Index

Resource Modelling

  • Workforce/Resource Model optimization
  • Team Capability Assurance
  • Optimization Scenario modelling

Value for Money Assessment

  • Value for Money
  • Rate Cards
  • Resource Price mapping