SFIA Self Assessment

Self assessment is something we do everyday, usually in small ways that help us understand why certain things turned out the way they did. Like self reflection, self assessment is taking stock of your abilities and skills so that you know exactly what you can – and can’t do at this stage of your working life. It’s an increasingly critical part of planning a job search, irrespective of what age or stage of life you’re at.

When applying for an IT job you need to be aware of your talents, interests and skills so you can make good choices about career decisions, can communicate clearly to potential employers and know what a good fit looks like for you in a new role. Skills for the Information Age – or SFIA – is the framework that lets you see where you are in terms of skills and the levels of capability you need to across any stream of digital work.

Employers will expect you to have assessed yourself and they will also be assessing you – trying to discover your potential, the sort of contribution you might make to their organisation, the nature and range of your skills. A regular SFIA assessment is an essential part of creating and managing your career in technology as used by employers in over 200 countries around the world.

Completely confidential and online, once you’ve completed the assessment a report will be mailed to the email address you’ve provided. The assessment and its results are known only to you.

Start your new career now with an online IT Skills assessment – assessment tool coming soon!