Skills for the Enterprise

Our skill based services for enterprise use a range of tools and techniques, including SFIA 6.

  • SFIA/Skill based Job Description
  • SFIA/Skill based resource deployments
  • Organisational Skills Design
  • Skill based team design
  • Current to Future state skill models
  • Skills based delivery modelling
  • Value for money assessment

We develop high performing workforces focussed on delivery

Our approach is a little different, using a number of proven approaches that integrate the best of skills based recruiting and project management.

  • Modelling the workforce based on it's skills profile (or Skills Palette), as well as qualification and competency frameworks
  • Active integration of skills development with delivery, through an updated 70/20/10 model 
  • Rapid analysis and evaluation of IT skills assessment processes and tools, especially technology based tools.  Many of these can restrict acceleration of skill based delivery focus and an 'apples for apples' value comparison approach   
  • Review, analysis and development of effective and measurable IT role profiles, based on SFIA, Job Families and other skill frameworks 
  • Validation of Target Operating Models and Organisation Designs with a view to optimising and assuring delivery and performance
  • Strategic workforce planning and workforce modelling to support a project based, skills oriented delivery focus.  This is underpinned by a 'right skills, right place, right time' foundation
  • Development of accelerated IT Learning and Development strategies, integrating commercial and vendor based learning programs and modules
  • Identification and development of attractive career development paths to attract and retain IT talent. 

We typically work with:

  • IT organisations
  • HR / L&D / Organisation Development (OD)  leaders who are working with IT organisations
  • Procurement teams
  • Evaluation committees
  • Planning task forces

Turning ambiguity into action, complexity to capability.