Skills Validation

An independent validation of skills ensures delivery models are based on reality and skill related risks are clear. An informed validation also supports better delivery risk mitigation. For buyers and suppliers, it enables effective rate reviews and validation of pricing for rate card discussion.

Rate Cards

We'll build you a price based rate card built on the latest digital skills and job titles, mapped to your choice of Job Family or ANZCO code. This ensures pricing of both on and off shore resources can be aligned the different Job Families at Federal and state level.

Delivery Assurance

We make sure that the right skills are on the job - and that every skill is able to support the outcome and the project delivery schedule. Value for money is about the effective skills used in the role, which is not something that can be captured in a job description.

SFIA Training

We have eight courses focused on SFIA training, from confidential individual assessments to training for team leaders looking for that edge to ensure delivery timelines are met. Training is in groups of six or more or can be individually tailored to suit your needs.

People Analytics

The workforce ecosystem typically contains twelve key data sets. By choosing the right mix of data, we provide valuable insights to workforce delivery capability, talent management and performance. This sets realistic expectations that can be matched to project schedules and resource plans.

Value and Risk Profiling

For out sourced resources, our unique validation methods ensures value for money is delivered - and provides the justification for discussion about value gaps. By appreciating the level of skills offered versus the project expectation, providers can get onto the front foot.
Skills Assessed
Careers Planned
Jobs reviewed


What are our clients are saying about us?

"...really smart ideas for recruiting and skills management.  LeadersWorkplace has the right mix of ideas for shaping tomorrows work - and workforces."

David Smith

CEO, PeopleBank ACT

New ideas on an important topic.  Great to see some innovative thinking in this area - long overdue.

Unable to be named

CIO, Federal Government Agency

Fast turnaround on rate card for bid response - easy to build value proposition on the people we put forward in the resourcing model.  Great to get onto the front foot! 

Michael Clay

Delivery Manager, Kaleidescope


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